Meet Keisha

Certified Life Coach/Entrepreneur/Founder

Lakeisha Price “Keisha” as she prefers to be called is a native Washingtonian; the eldest of 6 siblings and a proud mother. Going through a troubled time in her life, she recalls the voice of GOD saying, “the calling on your life, is worth fighting for”. Not in a million thoughts, did she imagine for a second GOD would use her and call her to this purpose in 2020. She didn’t think she could help anyone with all the pain that her heart was feeling, but GOD turned it all around.

Growing up in the District of Columbia area wasn’t the exact place where dreams come true, but she always envisioned life would be greater for her when she became an adult. Raised by her maternal grandmother, it was instilled never to quit, and she could be whatever she wanted to be, if she worked hard and believe in GOD. As she grew, she understood she was born to inspire, encourage, elevate, and help others and it’s her passion for life. Being raised in an impoverished environment, she understands life has its challenges and hardships, but once you are determined nothing can defeat you.

With over 25 years of corporate experience and throughout her developmental career, she gains a love for writing and joined the Bowie Authors and Writing Group in 2013, where she began drafting short novels (unpublished- Sophisticated Sinner, Breathless, The Scars Within and From the Hood). While passionately seeking her true calling and purpose in life (to help others) she received Health & Life Coach Certification’s from a highly accredited institute-Health Coach Institute (HCI). She also received a second certification in Life Coach and a Psychology Certification from the International Association of Professions Career College (IAP). She joined and became a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF)-world renowned coaching program.

As an Entrepreneur and Founder of “Destined 4 Purpose Life Coach” she is highly motivated to make a difference. With a definitive goal she understands the needs of today’s world. She understands the challenge that comes with it, and she accepts it with great deity. Keisha embodies the scares the world is facing and wishes to dive in and help in any way she can. She has volunteered at multiple local shelters to feed the homeless, supported teen pregnancy, amongst other various outreach missions. She believes the children are our future, and their future is her #1 PRIORITY. Keisha is a determined and vigorous individual, yet pleasantly calm. She encourages everyone to stand up for what you believe in and give it their all.

As a Certified Life Coach, she has had the ability to collaborate with mental health facilities and coach individuals. Through her passion for coaching, she has embraced a fanatical interest in supporting women across the world. She joined the Innovation Women Speakers Group which supports women to become successful in their business careers. Keisha desires to keep her culture alive as a role model; creating avenues for young individuals, which foster the establishment and development for their talents and discovering their purpose early on while transitioning into adulthood.

Apart from the above, she keeps a keen interest in serving, singing, exercising, reading, drafting short novels, but most importantly spending time with her loved ones. Keisha is also a Co-Owner of a Non-Profit Organization that was founded in 2017.

When people ask her to describe herself, she does not hesitate to say I am a child of GOD.

It brings her extraordinary joy to serve and to be used by GOD.

With pleasure,
Lakeisha “Keisha” Price
Destined 4 Purpose Life Coach